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Halkbank Turkey (Turkiye Halk Bankasi A.S.)

Founded in 1938, Halkbank is one of the largest banks in the Turkish banking market. As of end of year 2013, Halkbank had over 45 billion Euros of assets and 4.6 billion Euros of equity. Return on Equity was over 25.8% in 2013 with net profit of 900 million Euros. It has over 872 branches in Turkey and abroad and over 15 thousand employees.

Halkbank is continuously creating added value for customers, shareholders and employees by effectively carrying out all banking services with an awareness and understanding of social responsibilities and duties while contributing to the development of the banking sector and capital markets.

The long-term vision of the Bank is to be the region’s leading bank able to execute all the requirements of universal banking while also asserting a strong presence in retail services.


To be a leading bank while fulfilling all the requirements of universal banking and being strong in retail products and services as well and to continuously create added value for customers, shareholders, and employees by effectively carrying out all its banking services with an awareness and understanding of its social responsibilities and duties.


To be the region’s leading SME bank able to execute all the requirements of universal banking while asserting a strong presence in retail services.

“Client trust is our most valuable asset”

For further information, please visit www.halkbank.com.tr

Halkbank AD, Skopje

HALKBANK AD, Skopje was established on 15.03.1993 as a joint stock company. It has received full banking license in the Republic of Macedonia on the basis of the Decision No 02-15/x-5/93 by the National Bank of Republic of Macedonia (NBRM) and received the license for executing all banking operations in Republic of Macedonia.

HALKBANK AD, Skopje performs universal banking operations in the Republic of Macedonia, including but not limited to, deposit collection, corporate and retail lending, foreign exchange operations, domestic and foreign payments, trading of fixed income instruments, and trade finance. The bank does not operate in any other jurisdictions than Macedonia.

In 2013 Halkbank AD Skopje has shown continuity in supporting the real sector and the economy, while the quality of the offered services remained high. The loan portfolio of the Bank showed an increase from 147.4 to 221.4 million, or 50%, while the lending recorded a net increase of 213 million Euros where Halkbank AD Skopje had a leading share of 34% of the total approval or payment with additional 74 million Euros to Macedonian companies and citizens.

Since its foundation, the bank has pioneered significant achievements and developments in the Macedonian banking industry. It introduced the international systems of quality management EN ISO 9001:2008 and information security ISO 27001/2005, becoming the first bank in Macedonia to be
certified by these prestige standards of operation. HALKBANK AD, Skopje is also the first Macedonian agent of Western Union Money Transfer System from USA for services related to quick money transfer transactions from and towards the country and abroad.

The Bank has a wide international network, which includes correspondent relationships with 404 banks and account relationships with 16 foreign banks.

Being one of the mid-sized banks of the country, as it is classified by the NBRM, HALKBANK AD, Skopje has a significant reputation and recognition as an SME bank in the Macedonian market. HALKBANK AD, Skopje has also been enjoying long term relationships with international financial institutions in providing long term development funds to the Macedonian economy.

For further information, please visit  www.halkbank.mk

e-mail: halkbank@halkbank.mk
tel: +389(0)2 3240 800
help desk 24: +389(0)2 3296 330

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