General Information

General Information

Halkbank AD Skopje offers a loan with insurance policy package for clients who are in regular employment and pensioners. You can use the loan as a long-term non-purpose loan, so you can use this type of loan to liquidate all credit exposure to another person in your family. The insurance policy package issued by Halk Insurance provides protection of your property as a result of a non-pecuniary case, security of repayment and protection of the whole family.

The insurance policy package intended for insurance of consumer, mortgage and housing loans from HALKBANK is one whole, and contains the following coverage:

  • NO POSSIBILITY OF CREDIT RETURN - death for any reason, accidental death.
  • ACCIDENT INSURANCE -  permanent disability over 30%

Halkbank AD Skopje is a licensed agent for selling insurance policies issued by Halk Insurance.



The loan offered by Halkbank AD Skopje is at a favorable interest rate, low rate of total loan costs, as well as major collateral relief.

Loan Terms

Terms of credit

  • Amount: up to 200.000 EUR
  • Tenor: up to 240 months
  • Interest rate with salary/pension in Halkbank:
    • 4,00 p.p + 6 month Euribor for 1 year
    • 5,75 p.p + 6 month Euribor for the rest of the period (APR 5,59%)***
  • Interest rate without salary in Halkbank:
    • 6,00 p.p + 6 month Euribor for 1 year
    • 6,50 p.p + 6 month Euribor for the rest of the period (APR 6,57%)
  • Creditworthiness - according to monthly income
  • Upfront fee: 0,50% of the amount.
  • Loan Costs: 350 MKD ( the fee is paid before the payment of the loan and it is not paid for declined or canceled requests), 150 mkd loan application, the amount of the cost of the life insurance policy is subject to the tariff of Halk Insurance.
  • Fee for prepayment: 3 % with loan from another bank, 0 % from own funds.
  • Collateral - Mortgages on real estate 1:1,3, bill of exchange and bill of exchange statement.

* 5,59% APR for loan amount of 50,000 EUR, with salary/pension in Halkbank, variable interest rate of 4,00 p.p +6 month Euribor for 1 year and 5,75 p.p + 6 month Euribor for the rest of the period, tenor 95 months, application fee 150 MKD and costs for checking in MKB 350 MKD

** The amount of the annual percentage rate of total costs (APR) is affected by the loan repayment term, the loan amount, the amount of loan costs included in the calculation of the APR and the amount of the contractual interest rate.

*** the life insurance policy is not calculated in APR



Is there a possibility for a co-applicant for a mortgage loan?

There is a possibility to include a co-applicant who should be in regular employment in JA, AD and financial institutions, as well as a good creditworthy private company that is acceptable for Halk Bank AD Skopje.

What is the amount of the policy?

The amount of the cost of the life insurance policy is subject to the tariff of Halk Insurance. The insurance policy is paid each year for the duration of the loan.

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