Dear pensioners,

We invite you, in your interest and for your greater protection, to use the pension through the use of payment cards for shopping and the use of the ATM network in case of need for cash. For all retirees who use the card, the money will be on their account on 26.11 (Thursday) and you will be able to use them freely when paying with your payment cards, through e-banking or for withdrawing through ATMs without commissions.

For pensioners who do not use a payment card, the recommended payment of pensions at the Bank's counters will take place in four groups, according to the amount of the pension, as follows:

  • on Thursday, November 26 - pensions in the amount of up to 11,000 denars;
  • on Friday, November 27 - pensions in the amount of 11,001 denars to 14,000 denars;
  • on Monday, November 30 - pensions in the amount of 14,001 denars to 18,000 denars;
  • on Tuesday, December 01 - pensions in the amount of over 18,000 denars.

All branches of Halkbank AD Skopje will be in function for fulfilling your needs in the period from 08:30 to 16:30.

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