Delaying of payment of credit obligations for all individuals  - clients of HALKBANK AD Skopje for 6 months

Starting from the fact that there are no individuals or families who are not affected by the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and based on its basic principle "PEOPLE MATTER", HALKBANK AD Skopje is pleased to announce an offer to all its clients - individuals with credit exposure in the Bank with the classification A, B and C regular on 29.02.2020.

The offer applies to all clients of the Bank, individuals who do not have non-performing exposure and it covers:

  • Delaying of repayment of all credit liabilities (loans, credit cards and permitted overdrafts) for a period of 6 months and extension of the due date for an additional 6 months;


  • Clients with credit exposure in the Bank with classification A, B and C regular on 29.02.2020, are clients who have no outstanding credit liabilities for more than 90 days on 29.02.2020.
  • Contact the Bank only if you wish to proceed with the payment with previously agreed dynamics and do not want delay of payment, i.e. you do not accept the offer.
  • If the client does not contact the Bank within the next 10 days to respond with a negative response to this offer, it shall be deemed to have been accepted and shall be liable for delay without signing annexes and coming to the Bank.
  • If the client has more credit debts, (if he/she uses more credit products), he/she is entitled to defer installments/interest rates on each product.
  • Regular interest rates accrued for the deferred period will mature at the end of the grace period and be contractually regulated.
  • Permanent credit repayment orders will be deactivated and will not be booked into a transaction account, except for clients who will inform the Bank that they will not accept this offer.
  • The client should also inform his employer about delaying the payment, i.e. acceptance of this offer by Halkbank, as he would not act according to administrative prohibitions.
  • This measure by Halkbank is valid until 30.09.2020 and upon request within this deadline, the client may change the initial decision to accept/reject the offer and further state whether he/she wishes to be involved in the use of the measures or come out of it and return to regular repayment.
  • The same decision will apply to retirees on the grounds that although pensions will be paid without delay, they are indirectly affected by members of their families. We ask family members to help inform the Bank if retired family members want to continue their regular repayments and are unable to do so themselves;
  • If as a Bank Client you wish to continue your repayment of your credit liabilities without termination and modification, you need to notify us by 05.04.2020 by sending an email or calling the parent branch (branch contacts indicated below).

Form of identification

In your email or call to reject the offer, you need to provide 2 information out of the possible 4

  • Date of birth / example 31.12.2002
  • Last 4 numbers from Halkbank Credit Party / example 0249000000165
  • Last 4 transaction account numbers / example 270700000479000
  • Full pseudo debit card number as on the example:

Branch e-mail addresses to submit a request:

Branch E-mail Phone Mobile
Branch Aerodrom BranchAerodromSkopje@halkbank.mk 02/3285-333
Corporate Branch 1
CorporateBranch@halkbank.mk 02/3250-934 072/229-187
Corporate Branch 2
CorporateBranch2@halkbank.mk 02/3285-646 070/407-971
Branch Avtokomanda BranchAvtokomanda@halkbank.mk 02/3285-180 071/240-533
Branch Bitola BranchBitola@halkbank.mk 02/3285-207 071/359-881
Branch Bunjakovec branchbunjakovec@halkbank.mk 02/3285-603 070/361-694
Branch Butel BranchButel@halkbank.mk 02/3285-613 071/304- 851
Branch Veles BranchVeles@halkbank.mk 02/3285-433 072/321-064
Branch Vizbegovo BranchVizbegovo@halkbank.mk 02/3285-276 071/359-891
Branch Gevgelija BranchGevgelija@halkbank.mk 02/3285-324 072/321-540
Branch Gostivar BranchGostivar@halkbank.mk 02/3285-286 072/214-363
Branch Debar BranchDebar@halkbank.mk 02-3285-481 070/385-494
Branch Dracevo BranchDracevo@halkbank.mk 02/3250-491 072/806-041
Branch Gjorce Petrov BranchGjorcePetrovSkopje@halkbank.mk 02/3285-424 071/286-791
Branch Zeleznicka BranchZeleznickaSkopje@halkbank.mk 02/3285-314 070/270-849
Branch Ilinden BranchIlinden@halkbank.mk 02/3285-365 070/285-084
Branch Kavadarci BranchKavadarci@halkbank.mk 02/3285-473 070/349-721
Branch Kisela Voda BranchKiselaVodaSkopje@halkbank.mk 02/3285-382 072/321-166
Branch Kicevo BranchKichevo@halkbank.mk 02/3285-465 072/302-177
Branch Kocani BranchKocani@halkbank.mk 02/3285-446 072/231-839
Branch Kumanovo BranchKumanovo@halkbank.mk 02/3285-243 071/316-226
Branch Leptokarija BranchLeptokarijaSkopje@halkbank.mk 02/3285-344 070/219-123
Branch Negotino BranchNegotino@halkbank.mk 02/3285-404 071/318-851
Branch Ohrid BranchOhrid@halkbank.mk 02/3285-305 072/302106
Branch Square Macedonia BranchSquareSkopje@halkbank.mk 02/3285-411 070/393-313
Branch Prilep BranchPrilep@halkbank.mk 02/3285-256 072/212-364
Branch Radovis BranchRadovis@halkbank.mk 02/3285-634 072/279-904
Branch Resen BranchResen@halkbank.mk 02/3285-633 072/321-511
Branch Saraj BranchSaraj@halkbank.mk 02/3285-653 070/219-340
Branch Sveti Nikole BranchSvetiNikole@halkbank.mk 02/3285-374 071/223-517
Branch Stara
Turska Charsija
BranchStaraTurskaCharsijaSkopje@halkbank.mk 02/3285-298 070/354-680
Branch Struga BranchStruga@halkbank.mk 02/3285-394 071/411-903
Branch Strumica BranchStrumica@halkbank.mk 02/3285-232 072/800-679
Branch Tetovo 1 BranchTetovo@halkbank.mk 02/3285-227 072/212-423
Branch Tetovo 2 BranchTetovo2@halkbank.mk 02/3285-624 071/298-781
Branch Sobranie BranchSobranieSkopje@halkbank.mk 02/3285-218 071/408-298
Branch Cair BranchChairSkopje@halkbank.mk 02/3285-264 071/286-792
Branch Cento BranchChento@halkbank.mk 02/3285-357 071/361-898
Branch Stip BranchStip@halkbank.mk 02/3285-349 078/230-719
Main Branch MainBranch@halkbank.mk 02/3285-589 072/212-362

For any further questions regarding the measure we are available to answer through the above listed contacts.

The measures are in accordance with the Government Decree adopted at the 28th session of the Government on 25.03.2020 and the Decision amending the Decision on credit risk management methodology adopted by the NBRNM on 20.03.2020.


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