Halkbank is the first bank on the Macedonian market to introduce Garmin smartwatch payments

Dear clients,

Halkbank AD Skopje, as a leader in the introduction of new technologies, created a product, Garmin Pay, which enables fast and easy payment with a Garmin watch, thus becoming the first bank on the market to introduce payment with a smart watch.

With Garmin Pay you do not need to carry a phone, wallet, cards or cash. This service is created for people who are always on the move and in situations when you forget or simply leave your wallet or card at home, allows you to still be able to make all purchases and payments.

Holders of Mastercard cards issued by Halkbank, through the Garmin Connect application can simply digitize their cards and activate Garmin Pay. Successful digitization enables fast and easy payment using only your Garmin smartwatch.

The Garmin Pay service is available on all POS terminals that support contactless payment. Enter your password, select the card with which you want to make the payment and then place your watch closer to the POS terminal reader. The payment has been made and you can resume your daily activities.

With all respect,

Halkbank AD Skopje

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