People matter and their health is the most important

In time of undertaking important measures for the overall health and wellbeing of the people, Halkbank is inviting its clients to use the bank’s digital channels for banking and communication as much as possible. Our e-banking and mobile platform will accomplish the banking service from any place and at any time without the physical visit of the bank.

Our branches are fully functioning, but in the interest of the health of all,  Halkbank will of course suggest as much as possible frequency and direct contacts in its premises.

For any question, consultations and applications for any of our products, we encourage you to contact us through the phone and e-mail contacts of our branches available on: https://www.halkbank.mk/filijali.nspx or through the e-mail contact marketingho@halkbank.mk

Additionally for assistance regarding your e-banking and m-banking, your payment cards or any urgent need, we have 24/7 functional help desk through  the following contacts: 02/ 32 96 330; help24@halkbank.mk.

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