Withdrawing cash from ATM without using a card.

In order to improve its clients’ user experience, Halkbank introduces its new service dedicated for clients with active transaction account and debit card for withdrawing cash from ATMs via e-banking and mobile application.

Smart Cash service provides greater flexibility for using cash for the users of the e-banking service, which is novelty on the market and the first service of this type in Macedonia.

The mobile phone of the e-banking user turns into a cash-generating device or a device for sending cash to other persons, who do not have to be clients of Halkbank.

By choosing the SMART CASH field via e-banking or mobile application, you generate the 10-digit code which needs to be used on Halkbank's ATM in the limited period of 12 hours.

More information about using the SMART Cash service You may find in the following Manual.

*To activate the service, update the mobile application.

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