With salary in Halkbank;

The mortgage loan is intended for all creditworthy individuals with full-time employment in public administration or companies acceptable for the Bank, with salary.



Halk Banka offers you the best solutions with highly specialized team to our customers. Halk Banka offers fixed interest rate for the first year and with tenor up to 240 months.

Loan terms

Terms of credit

  • Amount: up to 300.000,00 EUR
  • Tenor: up to 300 months 
  • Interest rate : 
    • 3,50% fixed interest rate for the first 3 months
    • 5,5 p.p +6 month Euribor for the rest of the period (5,85% APR)
  • Upfront fee: 1% of the amount of the loan, onetime in advance
  • Mandatory insurance policy from Halk Insurance AD Skopje
    • 1000 MKD per year for a period equal to the loan repayment period

      (The client concludes Multiyear Insurance Agreement with the insurance company. The insured amount is defined in the policy)
  • Fee for prepayment: For early repayment of the loan, the Bank calculates and collects a one-time fee in the amount of 3% of the value of the previously repaid amount, if the repayment is done by refinancing with a loan from another bank,  0% if the repayment is made from own funds. For each early repayment the user is obliged to notify the Bank 7 (seven) days before the payment date.The fee is charged if the Loan User has established a mortgage agreement of the next priority, for the duration of the Loan Agreement.The user is obliged to pay this fee immediately after receiving the calculation from the Bank.The competent persons of the Bank for liquidation of the loan are obliged to check the real estate through the Cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia with the latest property certificate the day after receiving the funds from the early repayment.
  • Loan costs: 350 MKD (the fee is charged before the payment of the loans and is not charged for rejected and canceled requests), 150 mkd application for loan , bill of exchange blanket, notary fees per notary tariff as well as assessment costs according to the bank's tariff.
  • Creditworthiness - Up to 1/2  of salary income with the possibility of co-debtor
  • Collateral -  Mortgages on real estate 1;1,3, bill of exchange and bill of exchange statement.

* 5,85 % APR for loan amount of 50,000 EUR , with salary in Halkbank, variable interest rate of 3,50 % fixed IR and 5,5 p.p + 6 month Euribor for the rest of the period, tenor 95 months, application fee 150 MKD, costs for checking in MKB 350 MKD and cost for insurance policy 1000 MKD.

** The amount of the annual percentage rate of total costs (APR) is affected by the loan repayment term, the loan amount, the amount of loan costs included in the calculation of the APR, the amount of the contractual interest rate and the amount of the insurance policy.


How can I apply for mortgage and what are the required documents?

You can apply for a loan at the nearest Halk bank branch with the documents.

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